May 27, 2010: Fishing is good on the Missouri River right now. Except for bad weather days, fishermen are catching nice walleye, good-size northern and some bass, catfish, & crappies. They are using a little bit of everything: pulling plugs, minnows, worms, & leeches. The depth is everything from 17 feet to 35 feet.
April 12, 2010: Fishing is good below the spillway at Lake Pocassee. We weighed a 12 pound walleye and an 18 pound northern for two different groups. Others are catching good-sized walleye and northern also using
minnows on various jigs. The best time seems to be in the evenings. The ice is off the river and the boat dock is in, So, we are looking for adventuresome people to get their boats out and try spring fishing! You also might want to try fishing for northern from along the shore.

February 19, 2010: Fishermen are doing well catching their limit of walleye. They are mostly driving across to the west side of the river on the main channel. Some are still fishing in the bay right by the dock, but only getting a few northern. It is preferable to use a snowmobile or 4-wheelers with chains and pull a sled with a portable shack to get around easily.

January 4th, 2010: We have a small city of ice shacks in the bay area right off where the low water dock used to be. Fishermen are catching nice size crappies there. Others are going north of the bay on the main channel and catching walleye. A 9 3/4 pound walleye plus several others were caught south on Jones Bay.
September 16, 2009: Saturday and Sunday several groups of fishermen were out and both groups caught their limit of walleye. We are enjoying beautiful fall weather, so come on out and have some fun!
Sept. 10, 2009: We took our boat out about four pm yesterday and caught some nice walleye, one 7 pounder and one 5 pounder. We had lots of bites but the fish are biting lightly so we missed quite a few. We had another up to the boat, but I wasn't fast enough with the net and the fish got off the hook. The fish bit about 5 pm in about 25 feet of water. We used white jigs with worms.
July 18, 2009: The fishing has been slow all week due to rain and wind, but
yesterday the weather straightened out and fishermen started catching their
limits again. Fishing has been good in 16 to 25 feet and using spinners and
cranks. We're selling lots of nightcrawlers and leeches so those must be
working good.
June 27, 2009- West Pollock has been THE fishing hotspot on Lake Oahe for the last three weeks. Even though fishermen are starting to catch walleye elsewhere along the Missouri, the Pollock area remains good. We questioned several fishermen yesterday and they all had their limit of walleye plus a few bass and good-size northern. The boat ramp is not getting as heavy usage as earlier so it is the perfect time to come here. Fishermen are using a variety of bait--minnows, worms and leeches, as well as pulling crank baits.
May 30, 2009- THE FISH ARE BITING!!
April 30, 2009-- Several boats were out on the water early this morning and came in with reports of catching good size walleye. The water is still cold and muddy though. The fishermen were using crankbaits and fishing mostly in the bay area.
April 12, 2009: The ice is receding and you can begin shore fishing now. We are getting a gentle rain and all the ice should be gone in a couple of days. Fishermen are casting for northern pike by the spillway from Lake
Pocassee, which is overflowing into the bay area. The river has gone up nine feet since February and the low water boat ramp is completely under water. We will be using two high water boat ramps this summer.
March 22, 2009: There were a few fishermen out the last few days and they caught some in the bay and up north. But today, we had rain and hail, and lots of water is flowing into the river. The ice is getting bad (dark gray) and ice fishing is over for the season. It shouldn't be long before the ice starts breaking up. So we will be patient and wait for spring fishing
March 3, 2009: Fishermen are catching nice size walleye up north of the bay. Also catching some northern and catfish. The ice is accessible with pickups and ATV's. There is a light covering of snow on the ice, but no one
is getting stuck.
March 2, 2009: There is good access on the ice right now.  The cold weather froze the edges so pickups or ATV's can get on easily. On Saturday, fishermen had good luck on the west side of the river. Most caught nice
walleyes, and also some northern and catfish.

February 23, 2009: Fishing is hit and miss right now. One group had 9 nice
size walleye, but others did not do well. One guy caught an eight pounder.
We think that as the weather warms up, the walleye will move into more
shallow water and maybe into the bay area. The ice is still thick and
accessible. Keep checking and we'll keep you updated!

February 16, 2009: Yesterday, most fishermen caught their limits. Today only two groups were out and they were catching nice size fish, but didn'tget their limit. Walleye seem to be in shallower water, about 20 -30 feet where the water is not so murky. We recommend that you use ATV's to get out on the ice as the river is being raised and there is a small amount of water along the edge. The ice itself is still good.
February 6, 2009- Fishing is picking up again. Fishermen did well in depths from 26 feet to 40 feet. Most are again catching their limit and are catching nice size walleye.

February 1, 1009- The fish have slowed biting. A few are still catching some, but not their limit like before.  One fisherman said that when he cleaned the fish, there was nothing in their stomachs. Maybe we need to
change tactics. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

January 18, 2009- Some fishermen did well yesterday and others not so well.
If you fished in deep water, 40-50 feet, you caught nice walleye. Bob
talked to one group who fished deep and they were one short of their limit
of walleye. The ice is assessible. Bob and the city and county employees
are moving snow at the docks where you drive on the ice. There is some snow
on the ice but if you follow the "roads" you should be o.k.


























January 12, 2009- Fishing this past weekend was good for some and poor for others. It just depended if you knew where to go. Some got their limit of walleye and others did not. Most are going north and south of Pollock Bay in deep water. One group stayed in the bay area and caught some nice crappies and northern. Fish are biting on minnows. It's cold so the ice is good.


January 5, 2009- The fish are biting everywhere! Some guys caught their limits in the bay in shallow water of 18 feet, and others are going up north and catching nice size fish in 40-50 feet of water. Everyone is having fun and the ice is thick.

December 29, 2008- Catching fish up north around the flats and Jones Bay is good too. The ice is good thick ice from 18 inches to 2 feet. Catching nice walleye anywhere from in 20 to 40 foot of water. Also catching some
northern and crappies.
December 22, 2008- The ice on the river is 16 to 18 inches thick and fishermen are driving on it with pickups. They are catching walleye, northern and big crappies. Some are fishing in the bay and southby Jones Bay.

December 9th, 2008- The ice on the river is about 5 to 6 inches thick. Fisherman are catching nice walleye and some northern. (No driving on ice yet!)

October 2, 2008- Several fishermen fished from shore toward dusk last night and caught a nice mess of walleye, including several over 2 pounds. Shore fishing is getting better as the water cools down.
Oct. 1, 2008- The walleye have slowed down biting, but fishermen report still catching a few walleye, bass and catfish. Some are catching fish from shore. There are not many boats going out right now, so there is not much to report.

August 25, 2008- The fishing on Lake Oahe continues to be good into the last days of August except for a few days when the wind and waves were strong and high. The walleye continue to bite on just about everything. Fishermen are still catching their limit and they are nice size walleye.

July 17, 2008- Fishing has been excellent with everyone catching their limit of nice size walleye. They are using night crawlers, leeches or plugs mostly. The water is high with access to the original boat dock.
June 9th, 2008- The water is rising on the Missouri, so a second boat dock is in for high water. Fishing is still excellent with most catching their limit and large fish.
May 26, 2008- Fishermen are doing well from boats and from shore. Buy bait and other supplies at West Pollock in the morning, and then stop by, after catching your limit of walleye, for a friendly drink and a delicious dinner! On Tuesdays and Saturdays, we have a two for one burger specials!
May 4, 2008- Fishermen are having really good luck and catching 8 and 9 pound walleye. Some are fishing in boats and some from shore using minnows for bait. Stop by the resort for all your fishing needs.

April 27, 2008- Walleye are biting from shore and in a boat. Catfish are biting really good from the shore also.  One fisherman caught a walleye over nine pounds in the boat a few days ago by Jones Bay and is planning on having it mounted.  We have plenty of minnows and night crawlers so be sure to stop by and stock up for your fishing needs.

April 20, 2008- The boat dock is in at West Pollock. Shore fishing is good by Jones Bay and Meyers Bay. Boat fishing is best by Shaw Creek and Jones Bay. Fish are biting on minnows.
April 15, 2008- The ice is off the river and several people enjoyed shore fishing this past weekend. A nice bunch of walleye were caught north of Pollock Bay.
April 7th, 2008- Jones Bay and most of the main body of the river is open. This past weekend, a few fishermen caught some nice walleye from shore. Pollock Bay by the boat dock still has some ice, but it should be open in a few days.
March 24, 2008- There is a lot of open water, especially along the shore, so the ice is no longer safe for ice fishing. The river is rising; we expect boat ramps will be easily accessible this spring. Shore fishing and boat fishing are just around the corner!
March 15, 2008- A fisherman caught a 10 pound walleye at Meyers Bay this weekend. His group also caught other walleye down south by Jones Bay. They left for the weekend only 3 short of their limit, so walleye are still biting good. Crappies are also biting in Pollock Bay by the trees.
March 9, 2008- On the west side of the river and up north, the ice is soft and there is open water in some places. The ice is still o.k. by Pollock Bay and south. After a slow start for the weekend, some fishermen caught their limit of walleye on Saturday.
March 3, 2008- Ice conditions and walleye fishing are still good. A young man caught a 9 pound walleye over the past weekend!
February 28, 2008-Ice conditions are good. Fishermen are still catching walleye. Early morning till 3 pm are the best times for fishing.
February 21, 2008-Most fishermen are catching their limit of walleye on the west side of the river driving up north of Pollock Bay.
February 10, 2008- Fisherman are still catching their limits of walleye and doing well overall.
February 3, 2008- Local fishermen had their limit of walleye this weekend. Fish are close to the edge of the river channel in all depths, from 8 feet to 28 feet. Most are fishing in Meyers Bay, north of Pollock Bay.

January 21, 2008 - The ice is good on the river. Fishing is spotty. Some are catching their limit, others are doing fair. It all depends on the spot you pick. Fishermen are mostly catching walleye, some sauger, and a few crappies.

One guy had a 10 pound and 6 pound walleyes.



December 9, 2007--The ice is good on the river for ice fishing. Pickups are driving on it. Fishermen are catching walleye, crappies, and bass through the ice in about 12 feet. Fish are mostly biting in the late afternoons and early evening.
Fishermen are still catching their limits in the mornings. Afternoons and evenings are slower. They are using crankbaits, or nightcrawlers or leeches. Some walleye are good size.
July 9, 2007 - Walleye fishing is great!
June 20th, 2007 - Fishing is excellent.
Sunday, May 27th, 2007 - People are coming in with their limits of fish using crank baits and bottom bouncers with minnows or worms.
April 17, 2007 - Walleyes and Northern are biting good on minnows from shoreline and boats.
April 9, 2007 - Walleyes and northern are biting well from shore using minnows and smelt for bait.




























































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